fermentation, cheesemaking, backyard chickens for eggs

Homesteading bundle - cheesemaking, fermentation, chicken raising

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This bundle contains three of our online courses and saves you more than 10% off the price!

Get ready to learn some of the most important homesteading skills that you can also apply in the city!

  • the fermentation course (greek yogurt, beet kvass, sauerkraut, kombucha, fermented bread),
  • the cheesemaking course (yogurt, chevre, gouda, cabra al vino),
  • the chicken raising course (everything you need to know to naturally raise backyard chickens)

Are you yearning for a more wholesome, self-reliant, simpler life?

Do you struggle with preparing (or coming up with ideas for) healthy food and lifestyle choices for yourself and your family?

Have you been feeling disconnected from nature, natural rhythms, Mother Earth?

We understand! And we know that you don't need to live on a homestead like we do in order to live a more inspired, sustainable, happier life! It is entirely possible in the city or suburbia!

This course bundle will connect you with your food, nature, your family and friends, while you nurture yourself and them (and hopefully some chickens, too)!

Fermentation Invitation:

Cheesemaking Invitation:

Backyard Chicken Raising Invitation:

Homesteading bundle - cheesemaking, fermentation, chicken raising includes these courses

Fermentation Workshop
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Online Cheesemaking Course
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Online Backyard Chicken Raising Course
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