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Knitting Fingerless Mittens with Scallop and Picot Edge

A step-by-step tutorial on how to knit beautiful fingerless mittens | taught by Corina Sahlin

Course description

Are you a beginning knitter and intimidated by more complex designs?

Don't be!

If you are ready to take your knitting to the next level, knitting something that looks truly complicated but is actually quite easy and fast to knit, then you should take my Knit-Along-Course.

With my close-up, detailed demonstration videos, I show you every single step of the knitting process so you won't get stuck or confused. You can view and download the videos as many times as you want and knit alongside me to make sure you are doing everything perfectly.

Don't worry! I'll hold your hand every step of the way!

I designed these mittens with elegance in mind! The pretty wavy edge on the wrists has a victorian, feminine look. The picot edge on the top echoes the scalloped edge on the bottom.

I slightly tapered the design of these mittens so that they fit nice and snugly on the wrists, while giving you some wiggle room further up.

These fingerless gloves are made with worsted yarn and are light, yet warm and are perfect for keeping your hands cozy while needing your fingers to be free.

PS: In our private Facebook group, you can ask me questions, post pictures of your finished mittens or work-in-progress, and interact with fellow knitting addicts!

Corina  Sahlin
Corina Sahlin
Certified Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach

Corina is a certified Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach, and has midwifed incredible potential for many women she has coached one-on-one.

You can read some of the awesome testimonials on her website

Corina is dedicated to change the lives of busy, over-functioning, over-extended women, especially mothers, who struggle to keep all the balls in the air.

She is passionate about helping women create healthy balance in their lives, connect to their own needs and desires, and practice guilt-free, radical self care.

Corina is the head honcho at Marblemount Homestead and is originally from Germany, which makes her an expert in bread, sauerkraut, cheese, knitting and beer. And chocolate. Yes, definitely chocolate.

Her passion: Teaching and inspiring earth-conscious people to live healthy, self-reliant, sustainable lives. Corina teaches homesteading skills, both online and in person, and together with her handsome husband teaches homesteading and wilderness retreats at their place.

As a homeschooling mother of three, founder of Marblemount Homestead, and a workshop and retreat leader, Corina has first-hand experience and a unique understanding of what it means to be pulled in too many directions as a mother, wife, business owner and type-A workaholic (stemming from her German upbringing).

Corina lives a charming life near the wilderness in the Pacific Northwest, where she homesteads on five and a half acres with her husband and three homeschooled children.

Originally from Germany, she came to the US when she was 20 years old, driven by a thirst for adventure and a sense that healing could take place in a wild place.

Corina Sahlin

Course Curriculum

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Knitting Pattern
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Tutorial One - Cuff
Video Tutorial, Part One: Cuff
Knitting Pattern Part One - Cuff, pdf
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Tutorial Two - Joining in the round
Video Tutorial, Part Two: Joining in the round
Knitting Pattern Part Two - Joining in the round, pdf
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Tutorial Three - Increasing for thumb gusset
Video Tutorial, Part Three: Increasing for thumb gusset
Knitting Pattern Part Three - Increasing for thumb gusset, pdf
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Tutorial Four - Knitting the rest of the main body
Video Tutorial, Part Four: Knitting the rest of the main body
Knitting Pattern Part Four - Main Body
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Tutorial Five - Casting off with picot edge
Video Tutorial, Part Five: Casting off with picot edge
Knitting Pattern Part Five - Picot cast off
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Tutorial Six - Knitting thumb
Video Tutorial, Part Six: Knitting the thumb
Knitting Pattern Part Six: Thumb
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Tutorial Seven - Finishing up
Video Tutorial, Part Seven: Finishing up
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