Intention, clarity, manifesting ONLINE GROUP COACHING

Intention, clarity, manifesting Online Group Coaching

Change your life and flourish in seven weeks! | taught by Corina Sahlin

Course description

~ Did you set intentions at the start of the new year, but already fell off the wagon?

~ Or are you confused about what to focus on, because you feel called to create many different things in your life?  Things like deepening or attracting love, expanding your prosperity, influence and impact in your career, improving your health and more?

~ Are you clueless how to get what you want and how to get started because there's not enough time, money, energy or support?

I'm here to help with this!  You cannot do this by yourself!  We can't fulfill our destiny and vision alone like the lone ranger any longer, and we need tools and practices, mentorship, and community to flourish!

It's time to join an amazing group of incredible women up to a similar vision!

When you join my seven week group coaching program, you will breathe a big sigh of relief.

  • You will gain tremendous clarity so you can focus and set an intention. I will help you connect with the 8 areas of feminine self-actualization so you can discover what is most in season to manifest and create in 2018.

  • You will commit to your destiny pathway and discover the exact path you need to follow and the support you need to make 2018 your year of greatness.

  • In these seven weeks, I will teach you what it means to create with Feminine Power, versus the old model of using masculine power.  

  • You will learn to transform your life by connecting with the parts of you that have been sheltering the emotional centers of your core beliefs and patterns in life that have been very painful up until now.  You will learn to have an empowered relationship with your feelings and needs, relate to your experience in ways that create tremendous possibilities in your life, and understand and evolve old myths and stories you held as the truth.  No more self-defeating!

  • You will cultivate the power to step into your destiny and vision for your life by evolving your relationship with the larger field of Life where you can tap into some pretty awesome magic and co-creation. You will learn to deeply trust your intuition and how to relate to bad things, setbacks, delays and breakdowns in a way that opens up incredible possibilities.

  • Your relationship with others will radically change for the better because you will unearth the false beliefs you've had about others.  We will work together to transform these stories into a much more empowering and generative way of relating that's aligned with the deeper truth. You will up-level your relationships in a way that allows you to realize the greatest possibilities in your life.

We are so stuck into the loop of our story of ourselves, but when we are in community with people who have a shared interest and they mirror back what we can't see, and we have a trained life coach (me!) helping to dig deep, we can change our lives FAST!

How does this work?

~ The course starts Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 5pm Pacific Time.

~ We'll meet every Thursday for seven weeks, via Zoom (either on the computer or the phone - it's your choice). Don't worry, it's not complicated at all!

~ Each session lasts 90 minutes, where I teach principles and tools, coach and guide you individually, and answer questions.

~ Every week, there will be some kind of interaction with the women in the group - either in breakout groups or our private Facebook group.

~ Each session will be recorded, so you can re-watch or re-listen at your convenience.

~ You will receive practice and reflection questions and different handouts to deepen your experience if you choose to.

Why group coaching?

#1: Save Money

It’s cheaper than my one-on-one coaching, where I currently charge $697 to take you through the same process one-on-one.  I know that money is a barrier for many of you, so my group coaching is a great alternative to get started with this work and get very powerful results.

#2: Learn from others

There’s no:thing like a group of supportive women to catalyze your own growth. They are going through similar things as you, and we’ll be in a sort of alchemical incubator together, where it’s very, very safe, very nurturing, and very supportive.

You’ll get to learn from other women’s experience, watch me coach and mentor them, and by doing so, you’ll realize that you are not alone. It’s amazing how much you can learn from listening to someone else being coached.

#3: Bonding and community

If you get a little scared when you hear the words “group coaching”, don’t worry!  You might have had bad experiences with groups before. You might be afraid that you’ll have to bare your soul to people you don’t know. You might have trust issues. You might have never been in a deeply bonded, safe “container” with other women. I promise I’ll make our container feel very safe. You will have the opportunity to form deep bonds with other women if you choose to, and they can be friends for life, with a shared purpose of catalyzing each other’s fullest potentials. No more victimized, dysfunctional girl friend relationships!

Corina  Sahlin
Corina Sahlin
Experienced Homesteader and Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach

Corina is the head honcho at Marblemount Homestead and is originally from Germany, which makes her an expert in bread, sauerkraut, cheese and beer. And chocolate. Yes, definitely chocolate.
Her passion: Teaching and inspiring earth-conscious people to live healthy, self-reliant, sustainable lives by teaching homesteading, cheesemaking and fermentation, both online and in person.

On their five-acre homestead in the beautiful Pacific Northwest wilderness, Corina and her husband Steve grow hundreds of pounds of vegetables, fruits and berries. Every year, she cans and preserves many gallons of pickles, sauerkraut, relishes, and fruit.

For over a decade, Corina has taught people all over world how to make cheese. Since they live so remotely, she has expanded her teaching in an online format. Her self-paced online cheesemaking and fermentation courses have been widely successful and rewarding!

Corina is also a certified Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach, and has midwifed incredible potential for many women she has coached one-on-one.

Course Curriculum

Welcome! And details for participating!
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Session One: Awakening Feminine Power and Setting an Intention
RECORDING of Session One: Awakening Your Feminine Power
Week one mp3 recording file
Feminine Power The Essential Course Practices & Reflections on masculine and feminine qualities
Feminine Power The Essential Course – Setting an Intention
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Session Two: Power Base One - The relationship with yourself
RECORDING of session Two: Power base one
Week two mp3 recording file
Summary of this session: Read this after listening to the session
Transformation of Identity Matrix
Feelings and Needs Inventory
Power Statement Creation Process
Power practice audio
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Session Three: One-on-one coaching on the relationship with yourself
RECORDING of session Three
Week three mp3 recording file
Coaching Session with Rhonda
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Session Four: Power Base Two - Your relationship with the Greater Field of Life
RECORDING of session Four
Week four mp3 recording file
Practice and Reflection questions
Desires from power center versus false center
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Session Five: One-on-one coaching on the relationship with the Greater Field of Life
RECORDING of session Five
Week five mp3 recording file
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Session Six: Your relationship with others
RECORDING of session Six
Practice and Reflection Questions for session six
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Session Seven: Integration, Celebration, Coaching and Closing Ceremony
RECORDING of session seven
Opportunities to keep getting support
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