Corina is the head honcho at Marblemount Homestead and is originally from Germany, which makes her an expert in bread, sauerkraut, cheese and beer. And chocolate. Yes, definitely chocolate.

Her passion: Teaching and inspiring earth-conscious people to live healthy, self-reliant, sustainable lives by teaching homesteading, cheesemaking and fermentation, both online and in person.

As a little girl growing up in Germany, Corina dreamed of being like Heidi: living in the mountains, raising goats, and hanging out with a cute boy who liked chasing goats.

When she was 20, Corina came to the United States, which is a long story. She studied organic agriculture and alternative healing there and hit the jackpot when she met her handsome, hardworking, kind and adventurous husband. They bought five acres in a scenic valley at the foot of the North Cascade Mountains and started homesteading.

Next came the chickens, ducks, goats and pigs. And three excellent children.

On this farm that Corina had always been yearning for, she now grows hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables. Every year, she cans and preserves many gallons of pickles, sauerkraut, relishes, and fruit.

For over a decade, Corina has taught people all over world how to make cheese. Since she lives in the boonies, and not everyone wants to drive/fly/bike that far, she has expanded her teaching in an online format. Her self-paced online cheesemaking and fermentation courses have been widely successful and rewarding!