I designed these mittens with elegance in mind! The pretty wavy edge on the wrists has a victorian, feminine look. The picot edge on the top echos the scalloped edge on the bottom.

I slightly tapered the design of these mittens so that they fit nice and snugly on the wrists, while giving you some wiggle room further up.

These fingerless gloves are made with super soft wool yarn (Plymouth Yarn Taos), self striping prettily. You can substitute any yarn in the correct gauge.

They are light, yet warm and are perfect for keeping your hands cozy while needing your fingers to be free.

What you get:

  • Video tutorials

    Detailed, step-by-step video tutorial on how to knit these fingerless mittens, including how to knit the scallop edge and picot bind-off.

  • Pattern

    Directions on casting on with scallop edge, joining in round, increasing for thumb gusset, knitting main body, casting off with picot edge, knitting thumb, finishing up.

  • Support from me

    Get access to a private Facebook group, where you can share your knitting progress or show off your finished mittens. Ask me questions and let me help you!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction: Start here!

    • Video Welcome - Start Here!

    • Start here!

    • Knitting Pattern

  • 02

    Tutorial One - Cuff

    • Video Tutorial, Part One: Cuff

    • Knitting Pattern Part One - Cuff, pdf

  • 03

    Tutorial Two - Joining in the round

    • Video Tutorial, Part Two: Joining in the round

    • Knitting Pattern Part Two - Joining in the round, pdf

  • 04

    Tutorial Three - Increasing for thumb gusset

    • Video Tutorial, Part Three: Increasing for thumb gusset

    • Knitting Pattern Part Three - Increasing for thumb gusset, pdf

  • 05

    Tutorial Four - Knitting the rest of the main body

    • Video Tutorial, Part Four: Knitting the rest of the main body

    • Knitting Pattern Part Four - Main Body

  • 06

    Tutorial Five - Casting off with picot edge

    • Video Tutorial, Part Five: Casting off with picot edge

    • Knitting Pattern Part Five - Picot cast off

  • 07

    Tutorial Six - Knitting thumb

    • Video Tutorial, Part Six: Knitting the thumb

    • Knitting Pattern Part Six: Thumb

  • 08

    Tutorial Seven - Finishing up

    • Video Tutorial, Part Seven: Finishing up