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What people say about our courses

“Having taken online college courses, I can say that the caliber of this online class was exceptional. Using your skill, knowledge and expertise (and joy!) in cheese making and presenting it as you have, has come through clearly and professionally making the art and science of cheese making accessible to us novices! Thank you, Corina!”

Cheese making course

Debbie in New Hampshire

“Corina does an amazing job teaching this class. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a video is better yet. Kudos to Corina, and her husband filming, for creating a fun and informative class. It shows what things look like in each stage of the process, and Corina is great at explaining each step in great detail. It was well worth the money to learn the proper way to do fermenting and not waste valuable materials and time experimenting.”

Fermentation course

Pete S.

“I have been making cheese for many years by reading books, talking to other cheese makers. Corina's course has taught me so much more. Her recipes are very easy and realistic. I am a much better cheesemaker from taking her course. I highly recommend it for whatever stage of cheese making you are in. It is so worth it.”

Cheese making course

Kathleen in Massachusetts

“The No-Knead Bread is absolutely delicious, and the kids love to help make it! Corina makes the fermentation workshop so easy to navigate with her pdf and video instructions for all five recipes. The workshop's facebook group provides even more support as well as a sense of camaraderie, which boosts my confidence as I make these recipes for the first time. It feels terrific to expand the scope of my cooking. I can't wait to eat the sauerkraut which led me here in the first place!”

Fermentation Course

Allison S.

“This course was terrific. I am pretty able in the kitchen and adventurous, but I really needed an extra push to delve into cheesemaking. Signing up for the class gave me the commitment I needed from myself, and Corina is quite clearly a competent teacher, passionate about her craft, and she has thoughtfully put this class together. I highly recommend it!”

Cheese making course

Sarah in Gorgia

“To be honest, I thought that fermentation sounded a little bit unappetizing and very difficult. My daughter loves those kombucha drinks you get at the store, but they're outrageously expensive and contain heaven knows what. So I decided that in defense of my budget, I'd take this course and learn how to make kombucha. Well, I was STUNNED at the wide variety of foods you can preserve this way. I have been making yogurt for quite some time, but all the rest of it was new to me. And the big shock: it looks incredibly easy! The instructor is positively charming and makes the whole thing look like great fun. I can't wait to get started! I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in saving money, traditional foods, and good health.”

Fermentation Course

Daisy L.

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  • Our beautiful, detailed E-BOOKS, filled with gorgeous pictures, step-by-step instructions, and many tips and tricks that we have learned in over a decade of homesteading

  • Fun and educational MOVIES we made here at our homestead, either in the kitchen or barn, to demonstrate everything you are reading, in case you're a visual learner (like me)

  • Access to a closed and private FACEBOOK GROUP, where you can ask me questions, let me help you solve problems, celebrate your successes and meet a wonderful group of people. I will hold your hand every step of of the way, I promise!

  • You can download all e-books, movies, and recipes and keep them for life!


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  • Cheese Making Course

    Learn to make Chevre, Greek Yogurt, Gouda and Cabra Al Vino

  • Fermentation Course

    Learn to make Sauerkraut, Kombucha, Fermented Bread, Beet Kvass and Yogurt

  • Chicken Raising Course

    Learn how to raise backyard chickens naturally

  • Knitting Fingerless Mittens

    Learn how to knit gorgeous fingerless mittens

  • Homesteading Bundles

    Buy courses together as a bundle and save money!

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Instructor Bio:

Corina is a certified Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach, Facilitator and Leader, and has midwifed incredible potential for many women. You can read some of the inspiring testimonials on her website www.corinasahlin.com. Corina is dedicated to change the lives of women who are yearning to find their purpose and step into their destiny. Corina also is the head honcho at Marblemount Homestead and is originally from Germany, which makes her an expert in bread, sauerkraut, cheese, knitting and beer. And chocolate. Yes, definitely chocolate. Her passion: Teaching and inspiring earth-conscious people to live healthy, self-reliant, sustainable lives. Corina teaches homesteading skills, both online and in person, and together with her handsome husband teaches homesteading and wilderness retreats at their place. As a homeschooling mother of three, founder of Marblemount Homestead, and a workshop and retreat leader, Corina has first-hand experience and a unique understanding of what it means to be pulled in too many directions as a mother, wife, business owner and type-A workaholic (stemming from her German upbringing). Corina lives a charming life near the wilderness in the Pacific Northwest, where she homesteads on five and a half acres with her husband and three homeschooled children. Originally from Germany, she came to the US when she was 20 years old, driven by a thirst for adventure and a sense that healing could take place in a wild place.

Corina Sahlin

Experienced Homesteader and Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach


Instructor Bio: