Are you feeling alone, trapped and stuck in your life? Are you yearning to realize your potentials and your destiny?

Hello! I'm Corina Sahlin, Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach, and together with Lindsay Huettman, I want to invite you to join our ten week online group coaching program. In it, we will teach you tools and principles to radically transform your life and to realize your intentions.

This work is incredibly powerful and life changing.  Inside of it, I have evolved my own painful patterns of believing I am not good enough, not worthy, and not wanted and created several very powerful transformations that are now reflected in my amazing life.  

Over a decade, I've coached and supported many women individually through this process, and you can read their inspiring testimonials on my coaching website, so you know it really, really works. 

Lindsay, MA, LMHC, has counseled many women in her psychotherapy practice to help them heal and flourish. Her specialties are in anxiety disorders, grief and trauma. She is also an ethnobotanist, naturalist educator and leads wilderness expeditions to deeply connect humans with the earth.

We can't wait to meet you and help you get clear on what exactly you want to create in your life, craft a powerful intention for our ten weeks together, get to know the underlying belief patterns that keep creating the same old pattern that's been holding you back, and then teach you how to transform your relationship with yourself, others and the greater field of life.

Corina Sahlin, Certified Feminine Power CoachLindsay Huettman, M.A., LMHC

We will explore the pattern in your life that causes you most pain, the pattern that repeats itself over and over and over again.  We will deepen into what you want to create instead and set an intention, which will serve as the North Star for our time together. We will discover the underlying belief matrix of this pattern, which has you show up in ways that creates that pain and frustration. We will create a blueprint for your flourishing.

  • Transform your relationship with yourself

    Learn and embody Feminine Power principles and practices to break through this pattern and evolve it – once and for all. You will have an embodied experience of the deeper truth: who you really are, what’s really true about yourself as the source of your experience, and that you have the power to show up in new ways that will create a whole new, positive, mind-blowing life experience.

  • Transform your relationship with others

    Learn why you need an empowered relationship with others in order to become your true, authentic self. Transform the patterns you have had with others. You have related to others inside the old pattern and old dis-empowering core beliefs.  Imagine what can be possible when you relate to them inside of the deeper truth of who you really are, and what’s possible in life! Discover how to partner with others in collaboration, so you can unleash incredible co-creative forces to manifest mutual potentials.

  • Transform your relationship with the Universe/God/Spirit

    Instead of seeing yourself as a helpless, random part of life, we will awaken a deep sense of belonging to all of life. You will learn practices how to access the limitless, abundant support of Life so you can contribute your greatest contributions and live your most amazing potentials. You will experience co-creating with the abundant energies of Life and tap deeply into your own intuition. You will practice how to generatively relate to setbacks, apparent “failures” and disappointments, so you can shine the brightest in your life.

Why Group Coaching?

  • It's cheaper than one-on-one coaching. I know that money is a barrier for many of us, so this is one way to get started with this and get very powerful results.

  • There's nothing like a group of supportive women to catalyze your own growth. They are going through similar things as you, and we'll be in a sort of alchemical incubator together, where it's very, very safe, very nurturing, very supportive.

  • You'll get to learn from others' experience, watch us coach and mentor them, and by doing so, you'll realize that you are not alone. It's amazing how much you can learn from listening to someone else being coached.

Participant feedback:

“Corina's weekly group coaching class was a price I could afford and gave me the focused time to go deeper into some healing I was needing. I was feeling trapped in my life, and the emotions I was holding had manifested physically into intense bouts of asthma. I knew I needed help in shifting out of some holding patterns. Being witnessed by a group of women felt vulnerable, but also liberating and connecting. We were a group of women, each going through our own challenges, caring for eachother on the journey. The end of winter felt the perfect time for me to focus on the inner work as the slowly returning light matched my readiness to break out of holding patterns that were not serving me and tend to the seeds of new growth. Corina held this container with wisdom, deep caring and skill working with each of us to gently uncover and transform our life experiences into possibilities for healing and growth.”

Tali H., Canada

Don't worry!

Are you scared of groups?

Many women are a little scared when they hear the words “group coaching.”  You might have had bad experiences with groups before. You might be afraid that you'll have to bare your soul to people you don't know. You might have trust issues. I sure did!

We promise we'll make this alchemical container very safe. You will have the opportunity to form deep bonds with other women if you choose to, and they can be friends for life, with a shared purpose of catalyzing each other's fullest potentials. No more victimized, dysfunctional girl friend relationships!


  • When does the program start?

    Monday, March 1st, 2021 5pm til 6:30 pm Pacific Time

  • How often and long do we meet?

    Once a week for ten weeks. Each session is about one and a half hours long.

  • Where do we meet?

    We meet on zoom. We love being able to see each other on camera, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can turn it off or even dial in on the phone.

  • Are the sessions recorded?

    Yes, and you can find them on your online learning portal here. They are confidential and can't be shared.

  • Is this course for women only?

    Yup. Sorry, no men. We love men, but we believe that this work in this circle should stay within a sisterhood.

  • Is there homework?

    We provide practice and reflection questions and encourage you to deepen into the work during the week. You get out of the program what you put in!

  • Is this all going to be heavy and depressing?

    No! On the contrary: this is incredibly empowering work! You will feel hopeful and excited, and the places where it gets deep, we'll hold your hand. Plus, Corina and Lindsay are some of the funniest people on the planet, so you will laugh a lot.

Happy participants

“When I signed up for Corina’s Group Coaching Program, I hoped to receive guidance on how to improve my personal self awareness and how to start to find out who I am and what my purpose is to share with the world…… I left the program with vastly more. Not only did Corina challenge me, but she also helped me cultivate the tools to introduce myself to who I am. I now can say that I am taking the steps to stand in my individual self. I highly recommend you stepping into a revolutionary transformation of YOU. ”

Kelly B., Minnesota

“During the program, I felt really supported, seen, and heard by Corina and the other participants - Corina created a very safe container and I felt very comfortable sharing about my process even though typically I don't speak up in group settings. It was also really helpful to hear other people's questions and Corina's coaching because oftentimes participants asked things that were very relevant to me but I wouldn't have thought to ask myself. I came out of this program feeling more relaxed, connected, and empowered, and what I learned supports me in my life to this day! If you are considering joining this program, I encourage you to jump right in!”

Julia S., Toronto

“I came in somewhat skeptical, but Corina's authenticity, light touch and warmth quickly brought our disparate group together into a surprisingly open and cohesive whole. A group of strangers suddenly became a comfortable space for exploring our deeper, hidden selves, and I felt supported and energized through it. We never met in person, but it feels like we did. I am very grateful for the experience. ”

Maya W., Seattle

Your instructors/mentors/midwives of your soul

“Corina Sahlin is a Feminine Power Transformational Life Coach and has helped women all over the world transform their lives and achieve their intentions and highest potentials. Corina has mentored people for over two decades, helping them change painful patterns and dig deeply into unconscious beliefs and behaviors so they can be evolved. Her unique blend of down-to-earth authenticity, deep intuition, humor and fierceness mixed with plenty of warmth have gained her a reputation as a kick-ass coach that gets her clients lasting results.”

Feminine Power Coach/Facilitator/Leader

Corina Sahlin

“Lindsay Huettman is a therapist who sees each individual, family and couple as unique beings, influenced by a complex ecosystem of family, community, relationships, culture and so much more. Her approach is both practical and soulful, backed by experience and current scientific research and theory. Lindsay has been a youth, teen and adult mentor, public school teacher, wilderness guide and enthnobotanist for over 15 years. Her specialties are grief/loss, trauma/traumatic loss, anxiety and panic disorders, PTSD, adult survivors of child abuse, relationship issues, anticipatory grief and death process.”

Psychotherapist/Grief counselor

Lindsay Huettman, M.A., LMHC